People Hate Me

Aug 23

Its seems that I often annoy people, although I certainly try not to.

I’m not sure why this is, perhaps I am just not a nice person and haven’t realised it yet?

I can be tough, and to survive in this world I have learnt or needed to be on occasions.

I have quite a few old friends that dislike me and often turn quite nasty with me.

I question why this keeps happening.

It’s happened with 3 of my oldest friends, 2 of which were very dear to me. (All Drag Queens)

I’ve moved on and live my life and make peace with the situation.

Good Friends give me reasons why this happens.

Jealousy * Envy * Hate * Growing Apart * Nothing in Common *Unhappiness

There are I assume many reasons.

One of the most common comments they say once they turn nasty is that I am plastic. I have had too much surgery, all of me is fake, I have a plastic vagina etc.

If you really know me I am an open book, I hide nothing of who I am, or what I have done or my physical transformation.

I see their comments as redundant and pointless. Like saying to a black man he has dark skin.

The next comments are I am up myself, No One likes me.  I’m not sure what to think about this.

I have many great friends (Non Drag) that I have known for decades so I know I am loved.

I don’t think I am up myself although people that don’t know the real Penny might think that.

But then it’s that simple they don’t know me, they only see what I want them to see on stage and on social media.

Again I go back to the fact that it’s the Friends that are old Showgirls that hate me with a passion…


Life is Strange, Hate is Strange.

In the last Decade I have lost my both Parents and over 8 family members. One thing I know life is way too short.

I refuse to let these people take any more of my thoughts.

To those people that dislike me, I wish you Love and I hope you find happiness.