Jul 24

Hi Fellow TV addicts !!!!!!!

I have been a TV Addict most of my life, I think my very first TV addiction was Knots Landing.

I watch that much TV that to keep my head on which shows I watch and what episode I am up to I have a excel spreadsheet so my shows are all organized ..

I’ve been reviewing TV now for a few years for Andrew Mercado’s TV website and I love it ..

But I thought it was time I start recommending more than just what’s on Free To Air TV in Australia.

Not that long ago I learnt to download TV shows over the net, now this is not so I don’t buy the DVD’s,  I still do that, but its so I don’t have to wait for Australian TV to finally put shows on and sometimes they don’t ever put the TV I like on here.

Shows like Dancing With The Stars USA and many other shows we never get to see here in Australia so I DL them, I am now not limited anymore..

Recently I have noticed many of my friends have been asking me what is my fave new show to watch or what am I downloading .. or can I write them a blog on what to DL ?

So here is my 1st of many TORRENT TRANNY BLOGs ! ..

I think I was meant to be a American Teenager as you will notice most of the shows I recommend are of that demographic, but occasionally you will see some other fab shows tossed in there too !

So its OFF TV season in the USA but I am still finding more than my fair share of TV to watch ..

My Current Top Ten Torrents are ..

1. Dallas

The Rebooted 2012 Dallas that is beyond amazing and totes better than the  original show.. You have to see to believe .. starring all the original cast .. I just need Gary & Valene Ewing to be special Guests and this show will be complete !

2. Big Ang

Now I have not watched Mob Wives yet but this lady from NY is mind blowing .. I am sure she is a Tranny too but she has kids and people tell me she isn’t .. She is originally from Mob Wives but this is her own spin off show..  Trust me she makes me look feminine !

Truly worth the DL.

3. The Client List

Already renewed for S2 this show starts Jennifer Love Hewitt and it about a sweet young wife and due to her slacko Hubby leaving her she takes a job as a Massage Therapist that gives ‘happy endings’  ! Really cute show and plz note Cybill Shepherd plays her Mom.

4. Duets

A talent show with the Twist that the 4 Stars sing with each contestant thus the title Duets.

The 1st Season has finished and I really like it..

The 4 Stars are Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Robin Thicke and the chick from the countryband Sugarland ..

5. The Glee Project S2

Another Talent show but this time they are competing for a role in Glee. This is Season 2 but Im loving this season just as much as the 1st !

In this series we have had Trannys,  Blinds, Cripps  and just plain uglies..  so it covers all bases for contestants.

6. Pretty Little Liars S3

S3 of this show is just so good and just when u think we have to find out who ‘A” is the producers draw the story out a little longer..  I am so the character or Aria ..

7. The Secret Life Of A American Teenager S5

Another  ABC Family Drama, this stars Molly Ringwald and Shai Woodley who recently did that amazing movie with George Clooney The Descendants. It started as a teenage pregnancy TV show  but has ended up a bit like 90210.. Lots of Gays in this show..

8. Baby Daddy

My fave new comedy starring Jean Luc Bildeau from Kyle XY and Chelsea Kane from Jonas & One Tree Hill..  The title says it all, a young guy has to raise a Baby with the help of his friends

Very Cute

9. Teen Wolf S2

Season 2 of this show is darker and heavier than its 1st season, Tyler Posey is sexier than ever and somehow I am starting to think his sidekick Stiles is cute too.

If you like True Blood or Vampire Diaries this show is a must .. So many hot guys .

10. Political Animals

My new fave Drama show Starring Sigourney Weaver and set in the political mine field of Washington DC this show is Fabulous. Only 2 epsiodes in to its 1st Season and I am hooked..

It has bitchiness, Gays, Cocaine Abuse, Suicide and Ellen Burstyn ..

My hot picks to Download this week Ab Fabs Olympic Special !

Heres the link !!download|405p7|3851728057|absolutely_fabulous.6×03.olympics.hdtv_x264-fov.mp4|349883|0|0

&  My fave new Quirky Download Show is Andy Cohens ‘What Happens Live !

Here is a link to DL it.

Even if you don’t have torrent software you can still DL these show.

Its so Funny..

Well that is my first TORRENT TRANNY blog..

Stay Tuned Same Bat Channel, Same Bat Time for more TV Torrent Tranny Posts !

Much Eyelash Love.

Penny xxxxxx