My Special Secrets Of Titanic

Apr 15

I hardly ever tell anyone but extremely close friends ‘My Special Secret Of  Titanic’, in fear that I might get scoffed at ..

But on the anniversary of the sinking of Titanic I felt the need to tell my secret..

If you are not believer in extraordinary happenings or past lives, I URGE you not to read on ..

I have had a very colorful life being a TG Showgirl and over the years have been lucky to experience things I never expected too, but I always felt there must be a reason for me and my life’s journey that I was taken on.

As a young boy I hardly ever did anything slightly masculine or remotely boyish, I was a child librarian, sang in the choir, went to dance classes, knitted and generally acted like a girl..

But there was 1 thing I was completly addicted to and that was anything to do with the Titanic .. ( this was long before James Cameron made the ship popular).

I would read book after book on Titanic, had posters on my bedroom and built 1 hobby model after another of the great Ship..

Even as my teenage years came on, Titanic and its posters on my bedroom wall still outnumbered my ABBA posters and that was truly a big deal..

I never really understood my infatuation with her (Titanic) and just enjoyed my love for the story without analyzing it.

Another aspect of my childhood was that I would never let my head be put underwater, whether it was at the beach, in a pool or in the bath, it terrified me, I would go into hysterics if it accidentally happened.

Later in life as I started my journey of the road of a Transgender lady and faced many struggles in changing my gender I often sought spiritual avenues to help me along the way..

One such path was a clairvoyant called Karen who lived in Bondi and only did readings for Gays, Lesbians & Trans-genders as she felt we were more interesting …

In my early years of TG life I often questioned my journey and was it the right path for me, and I thought a ‘reading’ my give me insight to my future, but what I discovered was a revelation to my past..

Karen, read my cards but it was not till she read my jellewery ( a gold ring) that I was left dumbstruck and my childhood made sense.

She told me that I had been a little girl of 6 0r 7 who died on the Titanic, I was in 3rd Class ( Typical) and My Mum and Brother died with me..

Karen went on to say that she felt that I had a bond with the Titanic that was unbreakable and that my life would often revolve around important dates in relation to Titanic.

She then asked had I ever in my past read anything about Titanic and how did I feel about water or being on a boat.

My childhood memories filled me and I suddenly felt like all the pieces of a jigsaw fell into place, my obsessiveness about Titanic, my fear of water and never really feeling safe on a boat..

Karen said that as I travelled through life Titanic and its special dates would still play integral moments in my life..

There are many moments over the years that I can relate my life to dates of the Titanic, my longest lasting relationship was where my BF’s Birthday was the day the Titanic sailed out of Southampton.

One of my very close friends who helped define me in the 90’s, his birthday was the Day the Titanic struck the Iceberg and my eldest brother died the day the Titanic first touched water when it slid out of its dry dock in Belfast.

I am sure if I sat and truly analyzed special moments in my life I would find more historic comparisons but none more that the next secret ..

After many soul searching years of TG life I finally decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery and seeing 2 Doctors decided on DR Howell a Gynecologist in Macquarie St.

After many appointments and 3 years of Psychiatrist therapy I was approved. I was booked into Canterbury Public Hospital for the Surgery March 24th.

I was beside myself with nerves and on the day showed up to the hospital only to be told there had been a major accident and there were no beds.. I was horrified as I had worked up through my nerves..

I saw Dr Howell the next day and requested to go to a Pvt Hospital and that I would find the extra $ as I knew that there, they would not turn me away next time no matter what.

I, without thinking of dates as I was so in the head space of my surgery checked into Double Bay Pvt Hospital 12th April ( The day Titanic Sailed out of Ireland on her Maiden Voyage ) and on the 14th April had my Surgery ( The day Titanic hit the Iceberg) and came out of the anesthetic on the 15th April ( The day Titanic Sunk).

Of course at the time I was oblivious to these coincidences but a few months after my surgery I went back to Karen the Clairvoyant now that my TG Journey was complete and had a new reading ..

She then reminded me of the dates and Titanic and told me that this was my soul finally finding the Women’s body I was meant to be in and  transforming on the dates was no coincidence, this was how  it was meant to be..

I was dumdfounded and still feel quite erie when I tell story..

I am sure there will be some of you that will be laughing, scoffing or will be disbelievers but this is my life, and it makes sense to me in every fiber of my being ..

Its My Special Secret Of The Titanic.