Crazy World

Aug 14

Hi All

Well as usual I have not updated my blog for a while..

Life on the Gold Coast is Fabulous 1 day and not so much the next but as I always say,  you find the next Pocket Of Happiness to look forward too..

I have had many ‘pockets’ this year so I consider myself a lucky lady..

I recently did a new photoshoot with the Amazing Gabriel Maciel and we titled the shoot ’50 & Fabulous’  and with the help of good makeup, great lighting and a amazing photographer the photos turned out just that .. FABULOUS !

I LOVE these photos and cant wait to see more of the shoot as I get them, but I have to say that I added the ‘sparkle’ to the Diamante Blind fold Photo much to the hatred from the photographer so if you think thats ‘Too Much’ its my fault not Gabriels…

I continue to work every week at Escape Bar in Cavill Avenue Surfers Paradise and love it, we have a Airplane them each week and once a month we land at a new Destination.. So far we have done Las Vegas and Paris, next stop is London in September.. I am thinking Spice Girls .. LOL .. Check the add for my night below..

My current flatmate Anthony keeps me laughing and supplies me with endless Blonde jokes,  he is smart, funny and so very blonde but has made my little journey to the Gold Coast of QLD and a happy one.. Every one needs a Anthony in their lives.. below is Ant and I center with Lynns (My Dog) Daddy, Brian and his sister.

I find myself getting more reflective as I get older and need to have more quiet times to keep centered.. I presume this would be my form of meditating.. I have found a fabulous new album of music and song that I listen to for my quiet times and it called ‘Grace & Gratitude’ and its by Olivia Newtown John and is her own Yoga album..  Good work Livie !

I also think my quiet times are a sign of me getting older.. 50 I still am surprised I made it this far consdiering the 70’s & 80’s and the partying we did…

Its amazing to see others around me getting old too.. My mother just turned 94, My Sister is 60 next month, my beloved Dog Lynn just turned 13 and has athritis and is 70% blind in 1 eye ( but is still happy) and even my friends are all aging too..

I love the intellingence that age brings but I hate the wrinkles… I try my best to keep them at bay but I can see them coming …

I still have dreams and hopes and I think that keeps me young, so if your struggling with life or a problem, find a dream, or a pocket of happiness and go to a safe place and have some quiet time..

Thats what I do..

Until my next Blog of random thoughts .. Have an Eyelash Friendly Day..

Penny x