Gigs, Events & Life .

Jul 22

Hi all again.

Well its been a hectic week, my Gay Son’s Birthday has run me ragged, Ashley Harlow has had a week of Partying and more to come, Last night we went to the Versace Palazzo on the Gold Coast for dinner and had a quiet drink or 2 after !

Happy Birthday Ashley !

More Gigs on the way which is exciting, I have my shows at The Beat Megaclub in BrisVegas this week, Thursday, Friday & Sunday and we always manage to have a great time.

I have just been confirmed to appear at Hats Off in Brisbane this year at the Qpac theatre in a few weeks with Miss Lidia Box which is also very exciting !

Its also looks like we might be off to Papua New Guinea for a show very soon too so I am chuffed about this ! Go Mark !

I am really looking forward to the 20th Diva Awards in Sydney this year as I have been asked to present a special Award near the end of the night, which I am very honoured to do.

The same weekend in Sydney I will be appearing at Club Krave in Wyong on the Saturday with Lidia Box and on the Sunday at Arq  with Micheal Boyd and Corey, so I am so looking forward to this FABULASH weekend down there !

I will also try to fit in a quick photoshoot with the delectable Gabriel Maciel and a quick visit to my Mums too.

So much to do so little time..

More gigs on the horizon and hopefully I might have a new venue to announce an appearance too !

Soo much to look forward too.

I do hope your all having a great week.

My fave clip this week is Kylie’s  and her appearance on Hey Hey with all the AWESOME Sydney Dancers..

Go Miss Minogue !

Have a Eyelash Friendly Week !

Penny x


Jul 18

Hi all !

Well its a sunny Day on the Gold Coast Today and I am loving it !

As usual I will start the day off walking Lynn and then some chill time before my Shows tonight at The Beat in Fortitude Valley Brisbane.

I often in think while walking Lynn and lately since my big move up here I have realised how blessed I am to have so many great friends in my life.

I miss my Sydney Friends, they are such a big part of me, for so many reasons. There are so many to mention but here are just a few people I am thankful for.

Paul & Jeff  for always being there, Pete for making me laugh, Ross for being Clayton, Jon for always saying it how it is, Abigail for the memories, even though she doesnt remember them !, Julie for loving my Tv, Fiona for marrying Tom, Wayne for being him, Gabriel for having so many good qualities, Courtney for being a good Daughter, Mary for the Music, Coops for the Dance, Mick Slav for the love, Brian & Micheal for Lynn, B & Dp, Jamie for so many things… and so many more people,

Now on the GC I have new and old friends too that are there.. Christy for being there no matter what, Carlotta for being like no other, Ant for the Sticky Date, Malika for the Spirit inside, Mark & Lidia for being AMAZING, Ashley for a sons love, Jason for Boo Ya, The Downatue Family for the sickness and many more that I am hoping will be great new friends..

So as Bette Midler sang, Ya Gotta Have Friends .. I do and I am thankful.. and I am looking forward to the new friends in my future !

Have an Eyelash Friendly day.


Ps I so Hope I didnt hormonal forget anyone ..

My Favourite Music Clips Today !

Jul 15

I have to say that my 2 Favourite Songs and Clips this week are  Courtney Act’s Welcome To Disgraceland and Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Touch’

Although the latter has not released an official clip yet her performance on the new Season of SYTYCD in America Ellen Degeneres was divine !

I think I might feature ‘Touch’ as my new song this week at The Beat ! But I have to learn the words first ! Thank god Ipods have a repeat function !

Music can change your world and so please let both of these fabulous songs do so ! Check both Clips out below !

Enjoy !

Have an Eyelash Friendly Day !


Welcome to Disgraceland – Courtney Act

Touch – Natasha Bedingfield